Below is the basic program pricing and offerings of our two Installer Partners. All Partners will give you vetted technology, quality products and service, but each company has a unique history, focus and pricing.

Cost per installed watt (W) before incentives,

System Components & Workmanship Warranties

Apex Solar Power Lotus Energy
Market price $3.75 $4.87
Tier One (1-49 systems) $3.50 $4.26
Tier Two (50-99 systems) $3.35 $4.16
Tier Three (100+ systems) $3.25 $4.06
Solar Panels Trina 250W SunPower E20, 320W
Inverter SolarEdge Optimizers SMA TL with Secure Power Supply
Roof Racking Iron Ridge Quickmount flashing SunPower Invisimount
Component Attributes Most cost effective & reliable panel on the market. Optimizers are more reliable with greater production than microinverters and string inverters. Panels produce more power for more years than any other on the market. Inverter provides power during daytime power- grid failures. Racking not visible from the ground.
Warranties 10 year manufacturer?s limited warranty on panels/25 year power output guarantee/10 year installer workmanship 25 year all-inclusive warranty on panels/25 year power output guarantee /10 year installer workmanship
High-efficiency options (at additional cost) SolarWorld 280W or LG300W panels Same system & price as quoted above
Purchase Option Purchase; Green Jobs/Green NY loan & others Purchase; Green Jobs/Green NY loan & others
Lease Option Lease: Sun Run, 20 year term; No escalation No lease offered