About Northern Dutchess

Welcome to Solarize Northern Dutchess!

Solarize Saugerties and Solarize Northern Dutchess are now closed to new registrations. 

This campaign was open to all residents and local business owners in all of Dutchess County, NY.


Our Solarize Northern Dutchess Campaign launched in March and ran through June 2016.


 As a community based project, local volunteers “powered” Solarize Northern Dutchess. By installing solar on your home or business with Solarize, you received a Solarize discount that was only offered by our selected solar installers for a limited time.

To receive the Solarize Group Discount:

You must have registered for a free site assessment by June 30th, 2016

You must sign a residential contract by July 31st, 2016

and/or a commercial contract by August 31st, 2016

We selected two solar residential installers:

Direct Energy Solar             Hudson Solar

We have selected one commercial installer:

Hudson Solar

You can learn more about our selected solar installers by visiting our Company Profiles page.

You can learn more about the components, warrantees and financial offerings of our selected solar installers by visiting our Comparison Table page.

For articles, visit our Press page.

Also check out our Endorsements and Testimonials page!


Join your neighbors to save money, time and the planet.

Northern Dutchess Contact: Laurie Husted at SolarizeDutchess@gmail.com

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