Guide to Understanding Solar Warranties

Good overview of consumer protection issues on solar panels, batteries, and inverters, and provides a list of critical questions to ask your installer.

Planning a Home Solar Electric System

Orients the homeowner to the questions to ask before shopping for solar, including overall energy consumption and the ability to reduce it, building orientation and condition, and economics of various options.

Going off the Grid With Solar

For those who want to take the big leap off the electric grid, some clear discussion of trade-offs and pathways.  Note that off-grid solar is not covered by Solarize Hudson Valley.

Small Solar Electric Systems

Helps to lay out the basics about a PV system, what types of solar cells there are , and what materials are used. The article also goes over small solar electric modules, solar electric arrays, and energy performance.

Installing and Maintaining a Home Solar Electric System

For a list of questions a homeowner should ask themselves and what they should ask their installer about their experience and qualifications and the system they will be installing.

Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems

This gives a basic overview of a grid-connected renewable energy system from the requirements from your installer to addressing safety and power quality to contractual issues for grid-connected systems.

Listen Up: Combining Solar and Storage for Commercial Buildings

Talks with CEO of Green Charge Networks – talks about his technology/software
 compensating the utility for the peak generating capacity

Listen Up: Filing for Your Solar Investment Tax Credit

Educates the listener about the rules for applying for their Solar Investment Tax Credit and how to fill out the IRS Form #5695.

Listen Up: Ten Energy Saving Myths

See if you can guess the answer to these ten simple questions:

  1. Are electric cars cheaper than gas cars?
  2. Is rooftop solar expensive?
  3. Will you save money if you buy new energy saving appliances?
  4. Will gas prices stay low?
  5. Is solar for no money down a good investment?
  6. Are LED bulbs expensive?
  7. Do electric utilities like customer energy efficiency?
  8. Is clean coal cost effective?
  9. Is nuclear power the best baseload power source?
  10. Has energy efficiency reduced our per capita energy usage?

If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, I suggest you listen up to this week’s Energy Show on Renewable Energy World. The conventional wisdom is wrong — and all of these energy saving ideas are myths.

Listen to the Energy Show on Renewable Energy World to learn about energy saving myths ranging from LED bulb prices, to the cost of rooftop solar.

Listen Up: An Architect’s Perspective on Rooftop Solar

Listen to this podcast to hear an architect’s perspective on incorporating rooftop solar into his designs. The guest is an architect who has been incorporating rooftop solar into his residential and commercial designs for over a dozen years.

Listen Up: A Roofer’s Perspective on Solar

Want to know what a roofer thinks about solar? Listen to this podcast to hear advice on how to properly attach solar panels on various roof types and the safety and security that goes into a quality installation.

Listen Up: What’s the Deal with Solar Trackers?

-benefits of large-scale trackers – guest is CEO of NEXTracker

Listen Up: Financing Options for Your Rooftop Solar System

This podcast talks about financing options and goes through cash purchase, home equity loans, ordinary bank loans, leases, Power Purchase Agreements and Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans.

Listen Up: How Often Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Information for the homeowner on the upkeep of solar panels and what factors go into how often they should be cleaned.

Listen Up: Let’s Talk About Safe Solar Equipment

With a guest from the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards, this podcast talks about the new standards for PV modules, racking and inverters for 2014.

Listen Up: Let’s Talk Rooftop Solar Safety with Fire Captain Matt Paiss

With a Fire Captain as a guest, this podcast talks about the compromises that must be made when addressing firefighter safety, property protection and clean energy usage when having roof mounted solar panels in a house fire emergency.

Listen Up: Let’s Talk About Solar Reliability

A podcast with a guest residential and commercial installer talking about the reliability of rooftop systems and the reputation of the solar industry itself.

Listen Up: Solar for Your New or Remodeled Home

Installing solar on a new or remodeled home can require more coordination than on your older home. What do you need to know?

Listen Up: Residential Solar Financing Options

Financing options are important. Here are the differences between solar loans and solar leases.

Listen Up Update: What Solar Panels Should I Buy?

Advice on navigating the confusion on picking out the panel that is best for you out of a selection of different choices.

Listen Up: Finding an Experienced and Certified Solar Contractor

This podcast addresses finding an experienced solar contractor. A guest from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners talks about codes and safety requirements.

Truth: Rooftop Solar Capacity Benefits All Ratepayers

PV solar can lead to lower peak-hour energy prices for everyone. Learn how this happens.

Non-Hydro Renewable Electricity Outshines All Other Sources and Grows 11 Percent in 2014

Here is a breakdown of the statistics for 2014, laying out where are energy came from and where it will come from by the end of 2015.

Bridging the Clean Energy Divide

The poor and elderly, unfortunately spend a larger portion of their incomes on energy bills. How can be bridge this divide and help everyone save money, make their homes safer and more comfortable.

The future is here with battery storage for home use innovating our grid system. This addresses the storage challenge on a smaller, house by house scale.

The Big Question: Where Do You See Renewable Energy Growth Potential in 2015?

Read what the CEOS and presidents of renewable energy companies have to say about the future of solar in 2015.

Net Zero Living in an Ultra Energy Efficient Home

A woman talks about the dream of a Net Zero home and what her family had to do and change to get there.

Benefit of Solar Panels clear after two years

Hear the process of having solar panels installed and how it has been working two years later, first hand from a homeowner who installed rooftop solar in Washington, DC.